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9 Tips to Remember When Choosing a Financial Advisor

How to choose financial planner

Choosing a financial advisor is an important step, for most people, to creating more wealth and financial security. Whether you’re a minor investor who just wants to keep your assets safe or have several thousand dollars to invest so that you can watch them grow, a financial advisor can help you do these things. Remember, a financial advisor is not an insurance salesperson or a stock broker, but is rather a person who will help you create an overall financial plan for your current needs […]

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Financial Plans For Younger People

Financial Planning for young people

When should you start considering financial planning? Many young people cannot see the point of insurance and investments, because they feel they don’t need them, or they believe there is plenty of time left. It is only when we see what benefit, we could have had if we had invested those small amounts regularly, do we see the great loss from not planning ahead. Financial planning, insurance, good lending and investments should start as young as possible. Here is a general guide for your young […]

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Getting through the personal budget minefield, one step at a time

Most people get more mental exercise than they want when it comes to dealing with personal budget issues. The problems can range from real nuisances to quite genuinely baffling situations where they may be wondering whether they need a financial adviser or an astrologer. Some things, like home insurance, may be basically simple in themselves, but in combination with other financial issues, can be absolute pests if you don’t know how to manage the combination of expenses. Image Credit The basic answer to dealing with […]

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Top 5 Stock Market Tips for Beginners

Do you always want to run away from the idea of stock trading because you just do not understand anything about it? If your answer is ‘yes’ then it’s time to reconsider your notions. Trading in the stock market can be both fun and of much interest, provided you know how the market works.

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How to be safe and smart with your money – A free Workshop by Moneylife Foundation

MoneyLife foundation, ICICI Bank, Disha Financial Consulting

Are you looking for someone to teach you the basic lessons about how to start investing and be safe while doing so in order to meet your long time financial goals? Are you not taking the first step towards investing with the fear of failing on your debut? Are you still new to the world of investment and are still struggling to even know the basic terms and lingo used in the markets? If the answer to any of the above question is a ‘YES’ […]

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EquiTipz Turns One Today; Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday EquiTipz!! EquiTipz completes one year of powering Personal Finance today, thanks to all the wonderful readers and writers for all the support and making EquiTipz a success. It is such an immense pleasure and a touching moment for me as EquiTipz has been like a baby to me. Photo  Credit: <Link> EquiTipz is one of the few blogs available online that primarily focuses on topics related to Personal Finance, Stock Markets, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Income Tax Planning and other Financial products with a […]

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