CIBIL Introduces Market Place to Give You Personalised Credit Cards and Loan Offers Based on Credit Score

CIBIL Market Place

CIBIL – India’s first Credit Information Bureau made CIBIL TransUnion Score available to banks back in Nov 2007 and to individuals in April 2011. Since then, CIBIL credit score has played a major role in the bank’s decisions of lending loans and issuing credit cards to individuals. Founded in 2000, CIBIL has massively changed the way credit life cycle is managed  by both the loan providers and end-consumers. To know more information about CIBIL, how it operates, who owns CIBIL, and most importantly how to […]

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What is a CIBIL Credit Information Report (CIR)?

In this viral era of high spending, today everyone wants to have everything. Is there an actual need for that or not, that is a different story altogether. The irony of the situation is that today people spend much more than what their forefathers ever did. Rising salaries, the desire to own a property in one’s early twenties, the choice of a huge variety of lifestyles, a growing economy, an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs joining the race to do something new, new business establishments, etc. […]

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