Mutual Funds

Buy and Sell Mutual Funds Via mobile


All the fund houses recently are betting big in technology to reach out to real investors to attain their attention. So, after internet, it’s now the turn of mobile phones. UTI Mutual Fund (MF) is planning to launch a mobile transaction platform in the coming months. “The UTI MF will be the first fund house in the country to offer mobile phones transaction platform” said Jaideep Bhattacharya, chief marketing officer of the UTI MF. The fund house is planning on the fact that India has […]

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Mutual Funds :: Advantages of Investing

As an investor, you would like to get maximum returns on your investments, but you may not have the time to continuously study the stock market to keep track of them. You need a lot of time and knowledge to decide what to buy or when to sell. A lot of people take a chance and speculate, some get lucky, most donot. This is where mutual funds come in. Mutual funds offer you the following advantages: Professional management. Qualified professionals manage your money, but they […]

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Risk Factors related to Mutual Funds

All mutual funds are required to disclose, in their offer documents, the Risk Factors that are faced by the fund and therefore by the investors. Risk factors may be standard or scheme specific. Standard risk factors are market driven and common to all schemes. While a regular investor will be conversant with standard risk factors, their disclosure is of particular relevance to the novice investor. Scheme specific risk factors have a direct bearing on the investor’s choice and therefore need to be carefully evaluated by […]

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How to Make money by Investing in a Mutual Fund?

This article lays down the basics of Mutual Fund Investing: 1. This is a pertinent question asked every now and then that which is the safest method to invest in mutual fund to make money and prior to that one must understand the basics of mutual fund. 2. A mutual fund is a tool by virtue of which it accumulates money from the investors and invests on their behalf in stocks and bonds etc; however same is undertaken with the help of professionals who are […]

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