All you wanted to know about ULIPs Unit Linked Insurance Policies

ULIPs – many of us have heard of this term and want to learn more about it but have been unable to get the proper information as to what ULIP is all about,  who regulates them (there is a conflict between IRDA and SEBI as who is going to regulate ULIP) What are ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Policies)? ULIP is a life insurance policy which provides a combination of risk cover and investment. The dynamics of the capital market have a direct bearing on the […]

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Should you invest in Highest NAV Guarantee ULIPs?

Nowadays, everyone wants to be rich in the least possible time and for that they are ready to surrender to anything that comes their way. The Insurance companies and the AMCs, taking full advantage of the situation, keep coming up with new product/schemes which are targetted to capture the interest of such investors. Some products are such that the entire investor community is pulled towards the very launch of such schemes. Similar is the story for the newly launched “Highest NAV Guaranteed” ULIPs. There is […]

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