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Top 5 Stock Market Tips for Beginners

Do you always want to run away from the idea of stock trading because you just do not understand anything about it? If your answer is ‘yes’ then it’s time to reconsider your notions. Trading in the stock market can be both fun and of much interest, provided you know how the market works.

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56 Tips to Make your Money Work Harder For You

Recently EquiTipz completed one year of its operation. With the year that passed, there were many achievements that we made. The main achievement, that I believe, is the most crucial for the success of EquiTipz  is the trust that we were able to build in  hunderds of readers like you, with the unique and useful content posted here on EquiTipz. These readers included people of all ages, from all parts of   the world and with different mindsets. We are continuously moving towards our Mission […]

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[Technical Lounge] – Evaluation Of Shares

Business Graph

Are you losing your hard-earned money in the share markets or making a little or even less than what you should ideally be? Do you still wonder what people like Warren Buffet, Anthony Bolton know about the market investing strategies that you do not? Well their secret is very simple : They buy the shares from the market for less than they are worth of and then, wait until they appreciate. Stock picking is primarily about evaluating the potential of a share relative to the […]

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How to invest in the share market?

Wall Street

Making money by investing in the Indian stock Markets is not a child’s play. For an investor to make money in this big market with tens of hundreds of stocks, there are a number of aspects to be considered in order to clinch success and walk out being the ‘Smart Investor.’ For instance, a day to day   graphichal analysis is a very important thing to be considered. Stock Market needs Smart Work more than Hard Work. In order to succeed one needs to act […]

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