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Stealing from the Gods – Quantative Easing the ancient Greek way

Tips to Invest in Gold

Gold has always been popular in troubled times.   During the Peloponnesian War (around 431 BC) between the Athenians and the Spartans, the Athenians melted down the gold from the statue of Athene in the Parthenon in order to issue an emergency gold currency.   It’s a fashion that has continued ever since.   Recent economically choppy waters have seen record rises in gold prices. Central Banks have their own reserves of gold and although not adverse to selling it from time to time the […]

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Should I invest in L & T Finance NCD Issue?

Investments can be considered in L&T Finance’s secured non-convertible debentures (NCD), especially the longer-term options as they offer attractive rates and provide a hedge against the interest rate volatility over a 10-year period. With banks’ term deposit rates hovering in the 6.5-8 per cent range across comparable tenures, the rates offered by the debenture appear attractive. However, investors can give the five-year quarterly and semi-annual options a skip. For one, they offer lower rates of interest compared to many fixed deposit options with similar or […]

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