Money Management

9 Tips to Remember When Choosing a Financial Advisor

How to choose financial planner

Choosing a financial advisor is an important step, for most people, to creating more wealth and financial security. Whether you’re a minor investor who just wants to keep your assets safe or have several thousand dollars to invest so that you can watch them grow, a financial advisor can help you do these things. Remember, a financial advisor is not an insurance salesperson or a stock broker, but is rather a person who will help you create an overall financial plan for your current needs […]

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Is Payday loan the right solution for you?

payday loan

We are often overwhelmed by some unforeseen financial emergency in life and don’t know who to turn for help. Borrowing from family and friends can indeed be a humiliating thing. At that point of time Payday loan can become a blessing for you.

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7 Reasons to be your own Financial Adviser?

Be your own financial adviser

A glance at the TV advertisements or any Business news channel will quickly tell you that there is no shortage of firms or individuals who are eager to help you to manage your finances. Of course they offer no free lunches 😉 Still, why do people nod their heads while hiring a professional financial adviser and instead choose to be their own masters and decision makers while investing money? I was just reading an article by Manish Chauhan on JagoInvestor “5 reasons why you should […]

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