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How to Start a Recurring Deposit Using ICICI Bank Online Savings Account

Recurring Deposit - ICICI Bank Netbanking Online

If you are not a very high-risk taker, you might be a bit afraid while investing in Share Markets or Mutual Funds. In such a case, there are some other types of investment like Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits and some Post Office schemes which have proved to be a much safer call although they don’t give high returns as compared to stocks and mutual funds. Recurring Deposits are an ideal way to invest small amounts of money every month and end up with a large […]

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IMPS – Instant Funds Transfer 24×7 Through Your Mobile


With a lot of technological advancement around us, there are many services launched to make our lives easier. That said, today I am going to tell you about a new way to transfer instant funds from one bank account to the other. If there is some urgency, and you want to make that emergency transaction for the funds to be transferred to your loved ones instantly, you have come to the right place. So, read on…!! IMPS – Interbank Mobile Payment Service is an interbank […]

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Best Strategies For Successful Investing


As you grow old and start earning, one of the most important thing that can come to your mind is how to start investing. As you start realizing the importance of investing, there is one thought which is always pondering over your mind – which I call The “What if” situation – the fear of losing money instead of getting returns. You would like to read the below articles which will help you with this situation: The importance of Investing How to overcome the fear […]

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Stealing from the Gods – Quantative Easing the ancient Greek way

Tips to Invest in Gold

Gold has always been popular in troubled times.   During the Peloponnesian War (around 431 BC) between the Athenians and the Spartans, the Athenians melted down the gold from the statue of Athene in the Parthenon in order to issue an emergency gold currency.   It’s a fashion that has continued ever since.   Recent economically choppy waters have seen record rises in gold prices. Central Banks have their own reserves of gold and although not adverse to selling it from time to time the […]

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Top 5 Stock Market Tips for Beginners

Do you always want to run away from the idea of stock trading because you just do not understand anything about it? If your answer is ‘yes’ then it’s time to reconsider your notions. Trading in the stock market can be both fun and of much interest, provided you know how the market works.

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Is Payday loan the right solution for you?

payday loan

We are often overwhelmed by some unforeseen financial emergency in life and don’t know who to turn for help. Borrowing from family and friends can indeed be a humiliating thing. At that point of time Payday loan can become a blessing for you.

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[Video Tutorial] How do Stock Markets Work

Everyday we see new companies formed and when they are able to grab some business in the Markets and want money to expand, they come out with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) wherein they collect the money from the market for their future ventures. This forms the very basics of Stock Markets. We have written various articles on explaining the basics of Stock Markets on EquiTipz. Some of the Articles are listed below: Why does a company issue stocks? What makes stock prices go “up” […]

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How do I register for Verified by VISA?

We have already been talking about Credit Cards on EquiTipz with some articles like What is a Virtual Credit Card? and How are the Interest- free days calculated for my credit card? written some time back. You may click on the links to read  if you missed them. In this article, I am going to talk everything about “Verified by VISA” which is a Security Program from VISA. What is Verified by VISA Service? In addition to our other ways of preventing and detecting fraud, […]

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How to invest in the share market?

Wall Street

Making money by investing in the Indian stock Markets is not a child’s play. For an investor to make money in this big market with tens of hundreds of stocks, there are a number of aspects to be considered in order to clinch success and walk out being the ‘Smart Investor.’ For instance, a day to day   graphichal analysis is a very important thing to be considered. Stock Market needs Smart Work more than Hard Work. In order to succeed one needs to act […]

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What are Futures and Options? – Saturday Classroom

In addition to the technical terms like Stocks, Shares, Mutual Funds, IPOs, P/E Ratio, EPS, Dividends, and so on…, you must have many a times came across yet another term every other day in the NewsPapers, News, TV Channels called “Futures and Options” But what is this term about? What are the technical aspects and how can we make use of Futures and Options to make the most using them This article will answer all your queries about the Futures and Options. Futures and options […]

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How to Short Sell: Earn in the Falling Markets?

As a matter of fact you can earn more money in a falling market than in a rising one because when the market rises, it rises like a bull climbing the stairs but when it falls, it falls like a bear thrown out of the window. But the question that comes into picture is how? The simple answer to this question is short selling. What is short selling?Short selling means selling the shares which you do not own i.e. First you sell the shares at […]

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