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Financial Plans For Younger People

Financial Planning for young people

When should you start considering financial planning? Many young people cannot see the point of insurance and investments, because they feel they don’t need them, or they believe there is plenty of time left. It is only when we see what benefit, we could have had if we had invested those small amounts regularly, do we see the great loss from not planning ahead. Financial planning, insurance, good lending and investments should start as young as possible. Here is a general guide for your young […]

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7 Reasons to be your own Financial Adviser?

Be your own financial adviser

A glance at the TV advertisements or any Business news channel will quickly tell you that there is no shortage of firms or individuals who are eager to help you to manage your finances. Of course they offer no free lunches 😉 Still, why do people nod their heads while hiring a professional financial adviser and instead choose to be their own masters and decision makers while investing money? I was just reading an article by Manish Chauhan on JagoInvestor “5 reasons why you should […]

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