Factors affecting the share prices

Introduction In this article I will be writing about the few factors which affects the share prices moves up and down. I spoke to many investors, one thing I understood that most of them are investing on companies without having the fundamental knowledge on the stocks. They just want their money to be doubled with in one year. This article just writes down few suggestions to before start investing in the shares. Company Specific News If there is a good news about the company which […]

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Don’t let the Sensex Guide Your Senses!

Compounded Annualized Returns (Image Source: Fidelity)

Investors generally form their views on equities by looking at the movement of the BSE Sensex. When they see Sensex rising towards the green territory everyone runs to buy thinking that they are missing on gains and the same happens when the Sensex shows sharp dips. They discuss among themselves and friends that it is better to stay away from equities. The devotees of equities share a different picture; they argue that whatever be the situation, equities yield superior returns over a long term. But […]

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