EquiTipz is still Alive!!! Stay Tuned…

by Amandeep Singh

in EquiTipz

Hi ET Readers,

It has been a long time that I have written anything for my readers. So, I just needed to give some updates to you all regarding EquiTipz that we have not gone anywhere, We are still alive with the mission to help you out with all your investment queries and make your money earn harder for you. Since last few weeks (almost a month now), I have been very busy with my full time job and have been working day and night for the deadlines to be met. I was so busy that I was not even getting some time to sit down and write a Post for the Readers.

Now, that the things are settling down a bit, now I am again back in form and will post useful articles, investment tips for Equity, Mutual Funds, ULIPs, SIPs, Credit Cards, Income tax and much more but now, more regularly and with more passion to help YOU, our Readers.

Another important update that I have for my privileged readers is that EquiTipz is undergoing a major makeover. As a part of this change, the readers will be able to feel the new EquiTipz experience:

1. We are moving to WordPress: As of now, EquiTipz is hosted on Blogger, a free hosting platform. Now, that we are seeing a regularly increasing reader base and daily Page-views, we have planned to move to paid hosting and we have already purchased a hosting Plan from Dreamhost.com, one of the best hosting services With WordPress, I would be getting a better control over the blog making it more reader-friendly and expandable. With this, we expect further boost in the traffic and are expecting the move this weekend (will keep you updated regarding this).

2. We are planning Discussion Forums: To moving further with our vision to help the investors, to give them a better idea where to invest, we are planning to launch a discussion Forum/Community, where investors from different parts of the world can come and discuss about different investment instruments to mutually benefit each other because one can learn from the fellow students in a better way than from the teacher.

3. EquiTipz – a Revenue sharing Blog: We have mentioned this already in an earlier Post that we are planning to see EquiTipz as a Revenue sharing blog where everybody with a view has the advantage to Earn money with us. You can learn how to Earn Money with EquiTipz here.

So, be ready to experience the new EquiTipz experience all set to help you invest smartly to get even smarter returns.

We will keep you updated with all the happenings on this blog. Just enter your email ID in the form below and we will take care of the rest. You may also subscribe to our RSS Feed here.

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