Investment Basics

Stealing from the Gods – Quantative Easing the ancient Greek way

Tips to Invest in Gold

Gold has always been popular in troubled times.   During the Peloponnesian War (around 431 BC) between the Athenians and the Spartans, the Athenians melted down the gold from the statue of Athene in the Parthenon in order to issue an emergency gold currency.   It’s a fashion that has continued ever since.   Recent economically choppy waters have seen record rises in gold prices. Central Banks have their own reserves of gold and although not adverse to selling it from time to time the […]

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The Miracle of Compounding Returns – The Eighth Wonder

Benefits of Compound Returns

Some of the greatest minds in the world have marvelled over a simple, but extraordinary forceful concept – the power of compounding. Einstein called it “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time” and “the eigth wonder of the world.” The economist John Maynard Keynes described the “awesome power of compounded interest”. The Concept of Compounding The key to this concept is the way in which, given enough time, even apparently trivial amounts of money can turn into sizeable sums. In other words, the longer you […]

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[Technical Lounge] – Evaluation Of Shares

Business Graph

Are you losing your hard-earned money in the share markets or making a little or even less than what you should ideally be? Do you still wonder what people like Warren Buffet, Anthony Bolton know about the market investing strategies that you do not? Well their secret is very simple : They buy the shares from the market for less than they are worth of and then, wait until they appreciate. Stock picking is primarily about evaluating the potential of a share relative to the […]

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Why Should I buy Gold?

All of us find reasons before making any kind of investments. A couple of days ago, I was in the same dilemma and I was asking myself the reasons why I should buy Gold. Here, I am listing a few of them that I had in my mind to justify my thought of investing in gold and also, while browsing on the internet, I came across some interesting reasons behind why at all should one invest in gold. However, let me warn you that I […]

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The Importance of Investing

Now that you are into a Job for quite some time now, do you remember the days when you were just awarded with your first job and your father told you to open a recurring deposit account in a bank and make all your tax saving investments in provident funds. At that time there were not many investment options available or a more appropriate fact to quote here will be that people were not aware of all the investment instruments available to them so they […]

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How to Short Sell: Earn in the Falling Markets?

As a matter of fact you can earn more money in a falling market than in a rising one because when the market rises, it rises like a bull climbing the stairs but when it falls, it falls like a bear thrown out of the window. But the question that comes into picture is how? The simple answer to this question is short selling. What is short selling?Short selling means selling the shares which you do not own i.e. First you sell the shares at […]

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How to decide when to sell Shares?

Many investors are unable to sell a stock; either they ‘fall in love’ with an investment, or are unwilling to admit a failed investment and end up to book losses later when they are in dire need of money. Sell decisions should be made at the time of an investment. As an intelligent investor, if you master the following key points, you will never lose the track of making BIG MONEY in the stock markets; be it BSE, NSE, NASDAQ or DOW JONES, for that […]

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Stock Picking – Which stocks to buy?

Having understood all the basics of the stock market and the risk involved, now we will go into stock picking and how to pick the right stock. Before picking the right stock you need to do some analysis. There are two major types of analysis: 1. Fundamental Analysis 2. Technical Analysis Fundamental analysis is the analysis of a stock on the basis of core financial and economic analysis to predict the movement of stocks price. On the other hand, technical analysis is the study of […]

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